Integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing is a strategy that stresses the importance of a consistent, multi-dimensional brand experience for the consumer across all channels – Internet, television, radio, print, and in person.

Partner with us to devise a compelling, unified voice for your brand and stand out from the competition.

Boost your sales with a strong, focused brand image, from advertising to physical presence. We can help you gain a competitive advantage by creating an Integrated Marketing strategy that maintains a consistent look and feel across traditional and digital media.

What Are The Benefits?

A massive build-up of branding across platforms can solidify a company’s reputation, create a competitive advantage, and reinforce a brand’s message. Although it takes a lot of effort up front, an integrated marketing strategy will boost sales and profits, while saving money, time and stress in the long run.


Why Integrated Marketing

The world is increasingly connected by technology, which requires companies to develop marketing campaigns in multiple media channels. Because consumers are so active on their mobile devices, they expect a brand to be accessible wherever they go. Brand’s must keep up with the times to stay relevant in the digital age.

What Does It Cost?

Multi-billion dollar companies are usually in the best position to implement an integrated campaign because television reaches the largest audience. Still, smaller organizations can benefit from using the technique. We make the most of any budget to create a seamless, multi-dimensional experience for consumers.


Cross-media Marketing

The goal of cross-media marketing is to keep your product or brand top-of-mind by catching consumers in a variety of mediums. Since it takes a consumer at least seven times to see an advertisement before he or she feels compelled to make a decision, the likelihood for a conversion increases with each ad impression.

Multi-channel Marketing

Multi-channel marketing provides consumers with more ways to engage and shop with their favorite brands. It requires consistent branding that aligns customers’ experiences through direct sales, call centers, websites, and retail environments. This data integration creates ample opportunity for new campaigns.

Local Marketing

Instead of marketing to a mass audience, local business owners need promotions that speak to the local population. These campaigns focus on building awareness in the community through highly segmented targeting. Direct mail is a popular form of local marketing that can target specific consumer behavior and demographics.

How to Develop an Integrated Marketing Strategy


  1. Brand Persona
  2. Corporate Culture
  3. Unified Voice
  4. Branding Colors
  5. Brand Story


  1. Target Market
  2. Product Development
  3. Consumer Behavior
  4. Technological Advancement
  5. Competitor Positioning


  1. Messaging Strategy
  2. Campaign Design
  3. Customer Experience
  4. Marketing Automation
  5. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)


  1. Integrated Positioning
  2. Segmented Audience
  3. Cross-Channel Promotions
  4. Collect Data
  5. Measure Results

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