Search Engine Marketing

Search marketing, when done properly, can bring in highly qualified leads. We partner with our clients to create a comprehensive search engine marketing strategy that will attract leads and convert website visitors.

Help Customers Find Your Business. Never Miss An Opportunity Again!

People use online search engines to find businesses every day. That’s why there is great opportunity with search engine marketing. Our search engine marketing experts can help your prospects find your business when they are actively searching for the product or service your company offers.

Popular Platforms

Platforms to incorporate in your marketing strategy include Google Adwords, Bing/Yahoo, and Display Ads. The most popular search engine is Google followed by Bing/Yahoo, a Microsoft search engine. Display Ads are visually appealing banners placed on popular websites related to your industry.

Remarketing Explained

Integrating a website with Google Analytics allows for companies to track website visitors. Remarketing uses the data collected by Google Analytics to reach prospects who have shown interest in a business but did not convert. Remarketing ads display on various websites as leads browse the Internet.

What is PPC

Pay-per-click (PPC) is another term commonly associated with search engine marketing. PPC can get you targeted traffic faster than other forms of advertising. When your business shows in the top search results, you get more clicks to your website, and more conversions because people are ready to buy.

Steps to Develop a Search Marketing Campaign


  1. List Products/Services
  2. Set Goals
  3. Create Offers
  4. Brainstorm Keywords
  5. Clarify Sales Funnel


  1. Customer Data
  2. Analysis of Competitors
  3. Keyword Research
  4. Identify Long-tail Phrases
  5. List Industry Websites


  1. Create Messaging
  2. Design Campaigns
  3. Develop Landing Pages
  4. Set Analytics Goals
  5. Publish to Platforms


  1. Collect Data
  2. Compile Learnings
  3. Write Reports
  4. Identify Opportunities
  5. Implement Findings

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Happy Clients

"If you are looking for a new revamped website, these are the guys to use. Kelly was able to translate my ideas into something concrete. I now have an amazing and modern website that has been a great source of new clients. They are extremely affordable compared to the other services out there and the turn around time was fast. Thanks for a quality product!"

Howard Krisel, DC

"I could not be happier with our strategy and look forward to our launch and (re)branding activities in the coming weeks/months. I highly recommend Kelly and her team if you are looking for strong collaboration, commitment to your goals, and highly capable execution.
You will not be disappointed..."

John G.

"Wonderful company, fast results. Couldn't ask for more!"

Stephanie N.

"Awesome Graphics! Thank you for your AWESOME work!"

Pam K.

"Great service, exceptional quality! I would definitely recommend this company for your business needs. Keep up the good's a pleasure doing business with a quality company."

Laura B.

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Melissa S.

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Juan C.

"Creativity at its best!!! Excellent company to work with. They exercise honesty and integrity. Best company in the area by far! I highly recommend them!"

Mindy C.

"Awesome service from awesome people. Recommend to anyone for business needs."

Helle A.

"Love this company! Genuine people with genuine intentions all around! Professional and quality work."

Rena T.

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