Is your website lacking the traffic it deserves?

As time passes, people’s interests are changing, and modern web design is reflecting that. New trends are showing up each day, and things like SEO strategies are influencing what website owners publish.

The internet is a competitive market that has a plethora of people trying to make a name of themselves, so you need to ensure that you’re keeping up with everyone else.

Read on to learn about some web design trends that you can use on your website!

7 Website Design Trends You Can’t Ignore

1. Black and White Design

Black and white websites are becoming increasingly popular because they don’t overload users with colors. Too many colors can leave users confused and they’ll lose their cursors while trying to navigate.

A black and white design gives you a chance to highlight the important things on your site. For example, if your website is black and white, including a color, like red, will make a subject stand out.

2. Dark Themes

One of the most popular web design trends of 2018 was the use of dark themes on websites. Regularly bright sites, such as YouTube and Twitter, offer an alternative “dark mode.”

Offering this tool allows users to dim all of the white areas on a website, including other bright colors. On many sites that provide the tool, dark mode will change the layouts to shades of gray and blue.

Twitter has included another variant that makes the background black. This option benefits users with highly sensitive eyes and people that have AMOLED phone screens because their battery won’t drain as fast.

3. Videos

With websites like YouTube getting massively popular in recent years, it goes to show how valuable video content can be. Rather than watching TV, users can use their computer or mobile device to watch a movie or a short video on demand.

Social media platforms have started to tweak their websites to be better suited for videos. One example is Instagram introducing a built-in app called IGTV that lets users upload longer videos than the regular post limit.

Video marketing can help your website get a sense of personality, no matter the topic. If you’re a blogger, audiences will feel more connected to you when watching a video of you instead of reading.

4. Minimalist Style

Flashy, colorful websites were one of the best trends when the internet was introduced, but today, people want to seek information without straining their eyes.

Minimalist web designs get rid of the epileptic images, bright colors, and autoplay music. They allow users to have a sleek website while getting their point across.

For those that are interested in displaying their photography, a minimalist website will allow you to show your work without viewers getting distracted by the text.

The goal of a minimalist website is to focus on content and allow users to find what they want quickly.

5. Optimization for Mobile Devices

Having a website that is functional on mobile devices is important because, in 2018, over 50% of website traffic came from cellphones. People don’t want to be tied down to their computers to browse websites.

Mobile optimization will give users an efficient version of your website that they can use on the go. Mobile sites often include features that benefit people using a single hand, such as sliding and drop-down menus.

6. Home Page with Important Content

An analysis done by Chartbeat has shown that users often spend fewer than 15 seconds looking at a page. Creating a home page that interests a user will incline them to remain on your site and browse.

If you have a website for your business, the home page should clearly define itself to a viewer. Think of the home page as an advertisement that encourages viewers to do a specific action.

For example, if you have a construction company, your home page should list your services and contact information. Highlighting the most important information will get your point across without forcing a viewer to go through various pages.

7. Chatbots

Chatbots are quickly making their way onto many websites because of the progress of AI. Artificial intelligence is useful for several things, like adapting to search trends and providing customer service.

Modern AI is capable of learning how people talk, giving them the ability to use keywords to understand what people are looking for.

Businesses often use chatbots to decrease the money they have to spend on customer service, and because they can usually offer a quicker solution instead of waiting on hold for an employee.

When a user enters a website, they’ll be greeted by a small window that prompts them to type a question, if they have any. They can freely close and re-open the window without having to refresh the page.

Users can also use chatbots to search for and find information about products. Most sites have search bars, but some of them are in inconvenient locations.

Follow These Web Design Trends to Have a Successful Website

In a world where mobile devices and SEO dominate the internet, following design trends will play an essential role in a website’s success.

By staying ahead of the curve, you will attract more website visitors and keep them viewing your content.

If you’d like to get started with services that will benefit your business, such as web design, graphic design, or marketing, feel free to contact us today for a consultation.

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